Here we have album number two from the HORROR POPS originally from Copenhagen Denmark now living in LA . They have had a few member changes with the guitar player leaving the band as well as one back up singers/go go dancers. This turned out to be a good thing with addition of Geoff Kresge (of TIGER ARMY) on guitar. Thirteen lucky tracks. This bad has gotten better song writing wise. Where their debut album had good songs this one has more of a flow, they sound more comfortable doing what they want. It’s rock n’ roll with a voice that you can’t help but like. JW [HELLCAT RECORDS] www.horrorpops.com

ZOMBI - Cosmos
ZOMBI is a two piece instrumental band that play music with the feel of 1970’s Italian horror sound tracks. In the style of GOBLIN (who have a vast catalog of film soundtracks with many for Dario Argento). What you haven’t watched any Italian horror films? How about Dawn of the Dead it has quite a few GOBLIN song in it. Synthesizers, moogs, driving bass and drums, with a eerie layer of sounds. Fans of horror films, synth rock, and people looking for something out of the ordinary are advised to give ZOMBI a try. They don’t try and hide their influences with the band name taken from the Italian title of Dawn of the Dead. Formerly living in Pittsburgh, PA the now call Chicago home when they are not touring. Throw this in the stereo and grab a bag of microwave pop corn close your eyes and imagine a monkey with a straight razor cutting some guy up, or a zombie chomping on some brains. JW [RELAPSE] www.zombi.us website

So this has been out for over a year now, I don’t know why one of us hasn’t reviewed this yet. One of better albums to come out last year. I assume if you haven’t heard the DWARVES music you have at least heard something about them. Known for brutal live shows with short sets (they play a full set now). This one is not a return to “Blood Guts & Pussy” but it comes close. Really well produced, loud, good song writing. “Relentless”, and “Demented”, are just two of the new DWARVES classics. This is a must own. For fans of punk rock, doo wop, blood, pubic hair, naked pictures of girls, and of course dwarves. Be on the look out for a newer DWARVES interview here on FUNGUS BOY. Also look for the live DVD out now. JW [GREEDY/SYMPATHY] website

Add this to the growing list of bands with the word BLACK in the title. Here you have a four song e.p. that clocks in at just under seventeen minutes. 1960’s psychedelic rock influenced with a hint of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. With songs about the Vietnam war. With the song “The first Vietnamese war” being the stand out song on here. It’s done well, overall a good release. They are from Austin Texas if you were wondering. Look for their debut full length “Passover” out in April. [LIGHT IN THE ATTIC] JW website myspace

DRAKKAR SAUNA - Drakkansasauna
Drakkar Sauna is a two piece band from Lawrence, Kansas. They play old timey folk music. Jeff Stolz long time Replay Lounge bartender (who has served the fungus boy’s countless cans of PBR) along with Wallace Cochran have this band with a weird name, but they make some real good music. They both sing the voices compliment each other and the harmonies work good. As well as both singing they both play guitar, and Jeff alternates with some organ, while playing a kick drum, add in some accordion, tambourines. This has a real full sound for just two guys. Some interesting lyrics/story telling of the songs. “I’ll tell you the truth I’m after your youth” is a line from track four “Glissade Pressée" wich is my favorite one on here. I've seen them live a few times and the songs will grow on you. It's nice to see something different and original. Check them out when they play live and buy some merch the have a few cd's and a seven inch out. This cd has fourteen tracks with a run time of over forty five minuets. Worth your time. [MARRIAGE] website myspace JW

REAL LOSERS - Music For Funsters
Album number two from England’s answer to “budget rock”. While this album is a bit more accessible than their ear-splitting debut, they still manage to turn everything up to eleven. Hey I thought this was gonna be called “Look Real Sharp”, I guess they opted to use that title for the first song instead. Those of us lucky enough to crawl out of our caves last summer got a chance to see their incredible live show during their (so far) only U.S. tour. Expect more of the fuzzed out garage trash that you loved from their debut but this time out they pop things up a bit Zeros style, which they happen to cover on a recent single. Recommended chump! Great design & layout of the CD, vinyl out on Alien Snatch. [Trick Knee Productions, trickknee@hotmail.com] MW

BLACK SUNDAY - Tronic Blanc
This was originally released as a limited edition CDR as an Alicja Trout solo project. Unfortunately for me I never got the CDR & this “official” release is a bit different from it’s initial release, some songs have been added, some removed. This was going to be called Jacuzzi Suites before the name was changed to Black Sunday. What can you expect from this? If you’re familiar with Alicja’s work, then this falls somewhere in the cracks between Mouserocket, River City Tanlines, & Lost Sounds all the while not necessarily sounding like any one of those bands. Guest musicians include Jay (Reatard) Lindsey (who apparently requested his removal from these recordings) on drums & guitar, Ryan (Elvis Wong) Rousseau on drums, & Quinn Powers (from the Final Solutions) on synth. A mix of synth driven rockers and pop bliss, some of favorites are: “You’re Gonna See Me”, & a cover of Digital Leather’s “Modulated Simulated”. Even though the Lost Sounds spilt up on not so friendly terms I will continue to follow any future projects from any of the members. If you’re a fan this a must have! [Dirtnap] MW

I absolutely loved the Deadly Snakes debut “Love Undone” and have since felt each album prior has been unable to capture that initial magic. Don’t get me wrong, I like each album that the Snakes have done, but they lack the spark of their debut. I was able to hear the song “200 Nautical Miles” from this new album a month before it hit stores and I was immediately enthralled in what I heard, granted this particular song sounds nothing like the Snakes of old. This album is a perfect combination of everything they have done over their career mixed with string arrangements, vaudevillian anthems, and songs that flat out harken back to their debut. This album has a totally new feel and I fell in love with it from the first spin. I can’t wait for the double LP which has seven additional songs that are not on the CD, a few of them are even leftovers from the Love Undone sessions. After listening to Porcella repeatedly I went back and had a new appreciation for their last two albums. Easily one of the best from 2005. [In The Red] MW

BASEBALL FURIES - All American Psycho
This is a CD re-issue combining The Sounds Of Mayhem 7” EP from 1998 & the All American Psycho 10” from 1999, missing from this release is their long out of print debut 7”. The twelve tracks on this comp go by at blazing speed as this showcases the band at the most vicious and energetic period of their recorded output. They would follow a similar pattern with their debut
album released shortly after the 10” and then really come into their own by the release of Let It Be. Every song on this disc is a ball of electricity that gets the blood pumping, however my favorite song by far is “Tunnel Vision”. If you don’t already own the original releases or if you just want them on CD this is worth every penny. The Baseball Furies recently called it quits but word is one more album will be hitting the streets in the near future. [Big Neck Records/Flying Bomb Records co-release] MW

This is one of those bands that I kept hearing & reading about, but they remained a mystery. Just who were these guys that got so much word of mouth? I just now was able to track this album down and here are my thoughts. Sludgy metallic drone that is actually good. With every spin of this disc I keep trying to think who they sound like, I have come the conclusion that they remind of the God Bullies or a similar AmRep band circa 1988. Or how about this, If you got the Melvins high and forced them to play Jesus Lizard songs you would kinda know how Pissed Jeans sound. My favorite is “Boring Girls”, it’s almost like a metal rip off of the Beastie Boys “You Gotta Fight For Your Right (To Party)”. A few of the eight songs go on too long, but overall this is an album that will appeal to fans of many different types of music. [Parts Unknown] MW

CLOROX GIRLS - This Dimension
Album number two from the Clorox Girls and the first with new bass player Colin Grigson (formerly of the Observers). This picks up right where their debut left off. Expect similar short blasts of pop coated goodness that we all loved from the first one. The only real difference with this one is that since their debut set the bar so high that comparison wise this doesn’t have exactly the same charm, it’s still a great record though. I read on message boards that some people weren’t even going to give this album a chance based on the false rumors of a sophomore slump, wise up guys, the Clorox Girls haven’t changed one bit. A few extra things on the CD version you get the song “Animal Eyes”, from their very limited 7” that came out last year & a Qucktime video of “Don’t Take Your Life/This Dimension”. Another winner from the Clorox Girls, don’t pass this one up! [Smart Guy] MW

BLACK LIPS - Let It Bloom
I’ll be honest, I use to hate the Black Lips. I thought they were terrible at the 2003 Blackout & their debut sat unplayed on the shelf for a long time. I saw them later in 2003 in Lawrence, KS and liked them, but something about their first record still rubbed me the wrong way. Last year I finally “got them”, I put off buying their second album for a long time, but once I did everything fell into place. Luckily for me about the time I really started liking these guys they put out their third and best record. As always this sounds like they recorded in a dumpster with broken instruments, but that is the essence of the Black Lips. Somehow over the course of sixteen songs they manage to run the gambit of sounding like 60’s garage throw backs to lo-fi trash, and I love it all. Well known for pissing on their audience and playing guitars with their wangs during live shows, these Atlanta kids are on the tongues of everyone in the know. Jump on the bandwagon, you won’t be disappointed. [In The Red] MW

TOKYO ELECTRON - self titled
My first introduction to Tokyo Electron was through their single on Solid Sex Love Doll, given to me by Ryan Wong. By the time the Put A Charge In You single came out I knew that the song “Innocent” was enough to earn these guys high marks in my book. If I understand things correctly this evolved from Ryan playing all the instruments to becoming a full blown band for their full length. While no where near the intensity they had on the Put A Charge In You single, this record will grow on you with repeated listens. This album is hard to peg down, some songs border on harsh Reatard-sy material while others wow you with their beauty. All in all definitely worth seeking out, Ryan Wong is a hit machine. [CD on Empty Records, vinyl on Shattered Records] MW

JEFFREY NOVAK - Southern Trash
My brother was playing a record in the other room and I was like “what one is that I know it’s the Reatards but what one?”. That album was not the Reatards but their mutated lost son from Henderoson Tennessee Mr. Jeffrey Novak a one man band. Raw southern trash that will kick you in the balls and beg you to turn the stereo up until the neighbors call the cops on you. For fans of Killed By Death comps, Reatards, and good music. I don’t know how one person makes so much noise. Real good stuff here. LP only release with four different limited silk screen cover color choices. On P. Trash records from Germany. [P.trash] JW www.ptrashecords.com

THROW RAG - 13 FT. and Rising
Album number three from these desert shore sailor rockers. More straight ahead rock vs. the swamp rock of previous albums. “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down” a good Merele Haggard cover song. Guests include Keith Morris, Jello Biafra, Lemmy. A few rockin numbers, #2 “She Don’t Want To”, and #6 “Tonight”. Not as good as it could be, Desert Shores is a much better album buy it first. I first saw Throw Rag live in 2000 at the Las Vegas Shake Down back then they had been around for a while but only toured on the west coast. Since then they have been touring like crazy. Overall a good record. For fans rockabilly, drinking songs, outsider art, story’s from the sea, wash boards, and speedos. Different but the same Throw Rag. [BYO] JW website

New Reviews Added on 5/04/06

LIVE FAST DIE - Bandana Thrash Record
Do you ever wonder what it might have sounded like if the Ramones and the Mentors had collaborated on an album? No, well image if you would GG Allin fronting the Spits and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. Not only do the band members have some of the best names in recent memory (Camero Werewolf, Shadow Falcon, Time Cop, & Viking Thrust), their song titles are classic as well, check out a sample “Fat Guy With An I-Pod, Bombed Over Sixpackistan, & Art Is Faggotry”. Live Fast Die embody everything punk rock; their songs are crude, offensive, and catchy as hell. This sounds like it was recorded in a shit house but that only intensifies the charm. A very entertaining debut, I can’t wait to see these guys at the Blackout. You’ll have the neighbors calling the cops on you after repeated plays of “Fat Guy With An I-Pod & Snuff Movie”. Recommended for fans of GG Allin, The Spits, Cunt Puppet, etc. Album of the year? www.myspace.com/livefastdienow [Dead Beat Records] MW

NEW FANGS - Bayonets
Holy shit I didn’t even know about these guys until like 8 hours before I went to see them live. The New Fangs are the latest band from ex-Blow Up front man Dave Bessenhoffer, you might also know Dave as a former member of the Gimmicks and currently a member of Tractor Sex Fatality & Brotherhood Of Electric, other New Fangs member have been in The Fall-Outs, Make Out Choir, Texas Funeral, Tokyo Drifters, Flying Dutchmen and The Sultanas. If you followed the Blow Up from their handful of singles and lone full length on Empty Records you’re already familiar with Dave’s commanding vocal presence. New Fangs bring to mind the energy and sound of the late Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu. I liked all these songs the first time I heard them and there is not a clunker in the bunch. Amazing songs with great back up vocals and there is just enough synth thrown in the mix that it’s not over powering. This is self released by the band and they only pressed 300 so I suggest you act fast. www.newfangs.com [Chain Letter] MW

MIND CONTROLS -self titled
Mark Sultan has suddenly become an unstoppable force the past few years, first he hit us with two one man band albums under the name BBQ and then launched into one of the most critically praised projects of his carrier, that being the King Khan and BBQ Show album, now his new trio the Mind Controls unleash their debut shortly after forming. This trio busts out 11 quick numbers in a heartbeat and this album sounds just like a band having fun playing a house party. Mark carriers over the first cut “Take A Message” from BBQ and this version sounds more energetic with a backing band. This record is probably the closest that Mark has come to the Spaceshits since the break up of Les Sexareenos. A fun album that you’ll want to play over and over. You probably know the drill on this one, the picture disc vinyl is out on P Trash Records from Germany and the domestic CD/LP is out on Dirtnap, both labels releases add & delete a few track so the completeist will have to get both versions. [Limited picture disc on P Trash, US CD/LP on Dirtnap] MW

GHETTO WAYS - Solid Brown
The second album from this New York trio and to these ears they sound New York, whatever that means. I’m not sure what the title refers to, it’s either a play on solid gold (meaning greatness) or it’s just a reference to shit. While this isn’t as good as their debut I like all the songs with the exception of “Home In The Heart” which goes off on some “pretty flowers, candy moonbeams” shit that reminds me of the blandness of the Bell Rays & The Detroit Cobras. Fans of the Little Killers will dig this band. If you’ve got the extra cash and you already have their debut this might be worth picking up, I however would place it low on the priority list. [Alien Snatch] MW

THE ORIGINAL THREE - Been Dealt A Losing Hand
Not to be confused with those pansy West Memphis Three douche bags on death row, the Original Three have roots in New Orleans and Memphis (that’s Tennessee not Arkansas). You may have heard of this band in connection with the Black Lips as Ian shares duties in both bands. These kids almost blow their load too early by putting their best song on as the first track. Bluesy rockin’ songs that feature both Jay & Alicja of Lost Sounds fame lending their skills on separate tracks, Alicja even recorded two of these songs that were done in five different sessions between Memphis & NOLA. Some of the songs sound like the Drags meets the Black Lips meets Destruction Unit. Fans of any of the bands mentioned should definitely check out these guys. [CD on Empty, LP on P Trash] MW

MUDHONEY - Under A Billion Suns
I have approached each and every Mudhoney album with a bit a skepticism ever since 1993’s Piece Of Cake. Every time I buy a new album by these guys I have to convince myself that it’s good. Don’t get me wrong I think Tomorrow Hit Today was great & their last album had it’s moments, but I really think that this is the first Mudhoney album since Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge that I was hooked from the get go. I had a chance to preview this a few weeks before it hit the streets and from the opening note I knew this album was different, I didn’t want to spoil the whole thing, after all I was in a record store that let me listen to their promo copy. Immediately Under A Billions Suns outshines the past few efforts with it’s flawless production and the thick-as-gravy sound that Mudhoney dishes out. All I can say is the boys are back in true form and songs like, “In Search Of…” offer a truly haunting yet beautiful vocal from Mark Arm. Top notch shit kids, the LP comes with a freee CD of the entire album. Do not miss this one. [Sub Pop] MW


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