DETONATIONS - Static Vision

Upon the first glance of the cover art of this album I pictured this sun glasses clad trio of dirt balls crawling out the alleys of New York City, but I was way off, they actually hail from New Orleans. While I was off on their home base I was close on the locale of the sounds that the Detonations produce. The singer sounds a hell of a lot like the guy from the Drags so image my surprise when I read their bio & saw that Keith Herrera (former Drags drummer) was pounding the skins. One of their guitar players has bass strings on his guitar so you get both sounds without an actual bass. Mix together elements of the Drags, a little Devils Dogs, a little dirt, and you get short, punchy, garage fueled rock. [Alive, P.O. Box 7112, Burbank, CA 91510] MW

THE MARKEN MEN - On The Outside

Since reviewing the first Marked Men album I have been lucky enough to have seen them live twice. I thought these guys were great but after seeing them live I was convinced that they are amazing. This album took a few more spins to kick in but once it did it was like a bad infection that I couldn't shake. While this is a continuation of their debut the songs are actually tighter and Mark and Jeff compliment each others songs more. If you're wondering why this album came out rather quickly after their debut its because they knew that Jeff was moving to Japan soon so they had to act fast. Amazing hook-filled, with just enough pop, punk rock that you're bound to love. Every song is a winner. Unfortunately we'll have to wait at least a year before we hear anything new from the Marked Men but at least we can look forward to the debut album from The High Tension Wires which is Mark's other band. [Dirtnap] MW

MYSTERY GIRLS - Something In The Water

This is the Mystery Girls' second long player and first for In The Red. This time out they go for more of a straight up sixties feel with the music & album artwork. I was a little apprehensive at first but this started to grow on me more and more. When things start going down hill they manage to kick it up a notch on the very next track, example "Blues In G" is a kind of jammy instrumental fourth song on the album that almost ruins it, but then they follow it up with the more wah wah pedal than Mudhoney rocker "Circles In The Sand". While I don't like every song on the album the good ones more than outweigh the bad ones. While this follows the same path of their first album its definitely more defined. Loads of bluesy, harmonica driven, sixties inspired rock. You got your Rolling Stones in my Stooges. [In The Red] MW


Its good to see that this has been wrestled from the hands of Interscope and put back in the hands of John Reis & Swami Records. I remember buying this album when it came out on Headhunter way back in 1993 and thinking that Rocket was doing something different. I didn't fully realize at the time the uniqueness and importance of this album, I think I even gave it only a rather decent review eleven years ago saying that it "wasn't the breakthrough that I expected". So why should you pick up this re-issue you say? Cira Now has been re-mastered and includes four bonus tracks initially recorded for the Interscope re-issue, as well as extensive liner notes about the recording of the album during the LA riots, as well as photos from that time. The four bonus songs are great to have here but I get the feeling they wouldn't have fit well tacked on to the album when Interscope snatched them up. The sound quality of the bonus tracks isn't up to par with the rest of the album, but its still good to hear these songs. If you're a fan of Rocket From The Crypt you probably already have this, if you've been looking for this album for a while now is your chance to pick it up, don't miss out this time. [Swami] MW

VEE DEE - Furthur

This is one of those albums that catches you off guard, you give it a casual interest and then it attacks you like that stalker who's been following you for the past few months. My interest in these guys grew after I could not get the song "Undertaker" out of my brain unless I blew it out with a bullet. Suddenly this album became the soundtrack to many drunken nights, with every spin I found myself drawn in more and more. Jimmy Hollywood told my brother that they sounded like Radio Birdman with TSOL's guitars. Its hard to really pin down their sound, I guess you could say they take elements of rock, punk, garage, hell people even say sixties psych. Nick is a really good singer and has interesting lyrics. Another Chicago band making a name for themselves. Top ten material in my book. Interview forthcoming! [Criminal IQ] MW

VEE DEE - Furthur, 2004

I didn't catch Vee Dee in Chicago but I caught it in Minneapolis. That is I didn't buy the cd until the Functional Blackouts had it for sell in Minneapolis. Upon first listen I wasn't blown away. By the third time through the album I was hooked. This album is never far from my stereo. Do you like songs about zombies, vietnam, radiation, and kaleidoscope death rays? I sure do, Rock with a little Radio Birdman but not as happy. "Undertaker" is the stand out track. You need this album. This is the type of album you could listen to twenty times in one week and not get sick of hearing it. Blood Zombies are gonna come out of your speakers and break your fucking Strokes records. [Criminal IQ] JW website

IKE TURNER OVERDRIVE - Danger Rock E.P., 2004

Fuck yeah, this is the type of band I've been desperately waiting for. Hailing from Lawrence KS but raised in different cities of this fair state. Rock n' Roll with heavy 1970's influence that's done right. A lot of bands try to pull off this sound and fail. Not Ike Turner Overdrive they deliver the goods. I've seen these guys live quite a few times and they live up to the "Danger Rock" title. There only appearance at the Replay Lounge resulted in holes in the freshly painted mural behind the stage, as well as the singer nearly being burned alive after setting his guitar on fire and the thing not wanting to go out. Plus the occasional unintentional blood shed of the fans at the shows. Rock N' Roll used to be dangerous and it's something real rock bands need to return to. "Milwaukee Heat Gun" this song fucking kills, it's the best one on here. Put this CD on track four turn it way the fuck up, hit repeat and tear the shit out of your room. This band is highly recommended. Check 'em out when they play live. We love these guys here at the Fungus Boy HQ. This band is in need of a good record label to throw some cash their way. JW IkeTurnerOverdrive website

NEKROMANTIX - Dead Girls Don't Cry, 2004

The stand out tracks are 'Struck By A Wreckin' Ball" and "Backstage Pass To Hell" This is album number seven for this trio from Copenhagen Denmark. The second one released in the US from Hell Cat records. I really like the faster songs. You'll be pulled in after a few spins. The singer has a good voice with catchy back up vocals. Not great but worthy of a chance if you have taste in similar music. Psychobilly with stand up bass. [Hell Cat] JW website


PJ HARVEY - Uh Huh Her, 2004

I am not a fan of her previous albums, but I have only heard a few songs. I remember being sick of hearing people sing along with "Down By the Water" back in 1995. So this is the seventh album by PJ Harvey. I like the songs she sings on Desert Sessions # 9. Plus I saw here perform "The Letter" on David Letterman so I decided to check out the album. You know what this isn't bad, I like it. PJ has a easy voice to like. I might check out some previous recordings after hearing this. Some good songs, pick it up used. A couple songs sound a lot like The Kills. [Island] JW website

BURNING BRIDES - Leave No Ashes, 2004

I knew it would be really hard for this bad to follow up "Fall Of The Plastic Empire" with a record of equal or greater quality. This band lives on the road and have played a ton of live shows in a few short years. I don't like the fist two songs but by the third song this album starts to get good. Then continues to build. I was not very impressed upon the first couple listens. It's starting to grow on me. The Burning Brides are still better live then on record. I don't like every song on here but it's still better then most junk on the majors. I like this album allot more after seeing them live again. If you haven't heard"Fall Of The Plastic Empire" which came out in 2001 check it out first. The drummer Jason Kourkounis has played in The Delta 72 and Hot Snakes [V2] JW BURNING BRIDES

YOUR ENEMIES FRIENDS - You Are Being Videotaped, 2004

Sort of Pretty Girls Makes Graves with some Fugazi thrown in then shaken up for a long time, with a male singer. This album is weak compared to the live show, plus the keyboard player is fucking hot (I know this has nothing to do with the sound of the band, but go see them live before you send the hate mail). Some good songs on here but I think they could do more.This ones a little too nice sounding. Having said that I thinks it's good, Maybe I haven't given it enough of a chance. This album just doesn't jump out and grab me. Plus the cover art sucks. [Buddyhead] JW website

I like how the cover art looks so I checked out some sound samples. Sorta hard core influenced rock. I like the first three songs then it gets a little boring. Not great unless you have some extra cash to burn. Produced by and recorded at Gilby Clarke(Guns n’ Roses) house. Actually it has some good songs. Might be worth at least listening to sound samples on the internet before deciding to buy it. [WHITE DRUGS/FERET MUSIC] JW





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