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01/15/09: I'll never forgot the night of January 22, 2003. It's hard to believe but just one week from now seven years will have passed since that night. That date is so important in my life because it marked the first time that I would see the Lost Sounds live. Fate had tried it's hand at keeping me from making the trip as the temperature dropped to a mere 10 degrees and my brother's car (my car was unreliable) broke down the day before. Nothing could stop me from going so a phone call later I was able to secure my sister's minivan. I remember being so excited to get to the show that the three hour drive seemed like an eternity. Even though I had prepared a list in advance I pondered what questions I would ask the band if they agreed to an interview.

The first part of the night is a blur, check in to hotel, get some food, watch one opening band, and finally meet the band. I run through the standards: introduce myself, ask band if they're interested in conducting an interview, make small talk, and finally get permission to videotape. I don't remember much about the bands that opened the show but the Lost Sounds were on fire that night. "Rat's Brains And Microchips" had been out less than three months and the band was as tight as ever. After the show I interviewed Jay & Alicja while they took turns selling merch and helping the other band members load out. Once the interview wrapped we talked some more and I tried to convince them that they need to play in Lawrence, Kansas. That show will forever be remembered as one of the best that I have seen in my life.

Fast forward four months to May and I was on my way to see the Lost Sounds play the Blackout in Chicago. My brother and I had stayed up late the night before putting together a limited one off photocopied issue of the zine so we could spread the word. Inside that issue were interviews with the Spits & the Lost Sounds. I gave Jay a copy right before they took the stage that night and he played with it rolled up in his back pocket. After the show I again pestered them to come to Lawrence to play a show. A few months go by and I finally get the call--Lost Sounds want to play Lawrence! So long story short I book my first show ever with one of my favorite bands ever.

August 7, 2003, the band made it to town early so I invited them over to my house for a BBQ & chance to relax before the show. I can still remember standing in my kitchen talking to Jay about music. Outside my five year old nephew verbally threatened to shoot Rich Crook with a shotgun, keep in mind he was obsessed with video games at the time & no actual gun was involved. We were all too drunk to remember much about the show and afterwards the band stayed at my place.

Since 2003 I have been lucky enough to have seen Jay perform live in the following bands: Lost Sounds, Reatards, Final Solutions, Bad Times, Angry Angles, Persuaders, Barbaras, Jay Reatard, & Useless Eaters (I'm sure there were others as well). Every time that I saw him in Chicago or Memphis we would exchange a few words, some conversations were longer than others but he always acknowledged my presence. The last time that I spoke to Jay was at Gonerfest 6 back at the end of September. I tried to convince him to come back to Kansas to play another show but he shrugged off the idea. Jay was always nice to me and I enjoyed the brief times that we were able to talk.

I can not say enough about how his music has affected my life. I am deeply saddened by the loss of such a prolific and unique individual. ---Mike Fungus


11/06/09: So I haven't finished editing our new video interviews but they're coming. One week from today The King Khan & BBQ show are back in town so don't miss out. Have a look at who's coming in December, I think you'll like it.

9/29/09: Just updated our contact email as it has been out of whack for quite some time I guess. If you have been trying to contact us and got no response please write again and we will get back to you. We just did four interviews in the last two weeks and should have them posted as soon as we get done editing and typing. Got back yesterday from our third trip to Gonerfest and we had a blast, look for pictures and video up soon. Check the upcoming shows, I added some new ones and a few next week you might not have known about like The Intelligence on Monday & Cheap Time on Thursday!!!

8/01/09: Tons of great shows headed our way! Two new(er) interviews when I decide to type them. And possibly an update to our You Tube page. I know, we're lazy....


(A.K.A.: the page of broken promises)

7/06/09: FAG COP is on tour! Check the FAG COP myspace for more info

Jul 6 2009
TBA + Help it out Columbia, Missouri
Jul 8 2009
Replay Lounge w/ Francis Harold and the Holograms Lawrence, Kansas
Jul 9 2009
TBA w/ Francis Harold and the Holograms Denver, Colorado
Jul 10 2009
Baxter’s w/ Francis Harold and the Holograms Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 11 2009
B S M T/ Francis Harold and the Holograms + KnoT Knocked Up Missoula, Montana
Jul 12 2009
Funhouse w/ Francis Harold and the Holograms + Championship Belt Seattle, Washington
Jul 18 2009
KDVS Presents: @ Buff Castle w/ Francis Harold and the Holograms Sacramento, California
Jul 20 2009
Soda Bar w/ Christmas Island + Meth Teeth San Diego, California
Jul 22 2009
The Rape Manor Tempe, Arizona
Jul 23 2009
TBA w/ Turpentine Brothers Las Cruces, New Mexico
Jul 24 2009
TBA San Antonio, Texas
Jul 27 2009
Crap Club Denton, Texas
Jul 28 2009
TBA + Help it out OKC, Oklahom

Update from 3/08/07: Here is a new page of live photos LIVE FUNGUS

2/20/09: Still nothing but I added a ton of great upcoming shows to the list. March 15th is going to be amazing ---Thomas Function, Human Eye (canceled) & The Terrible Twos at the Replay Lounge!!

Update from 1/09/09: No real updates to report except for some new shows added below. We haven't worked on any thing new for several months. We're setting on tons of great stuff but we've been too preoccupied (lazy) to commit to getting it up on the site. Stay with us, we're not dead...........

Update from 10/02/08: Check out some photos from GONER FEST 5 . New youtube videos in the works. More updates on the way this time for real.

Update from 6/06/08 Added some great shows that are happening this month to the main page. We've been busy dodging bad weather the past month but unfortunately not busy working on the site. We'll get around soon.............

Update from 3/28/08: So things are moving a little slower than expected. We have a new project that we've been working on: the debut of our You Tube page Fungus Boy TV. You can head over there to watch live videos & interviews or stay right here and check out interviews with Neil Hamburger, Burning Brides, & Dan Sartain. We'll be back with more video & typed interviews soon.

Update from 11/24/07: If you live in the Midwest area get ready for two of the best shows to come our way this year. I'm talking about The King Khan & BBQ Show hitting Lawrence, KS & Kansas City back to back on Monday & Tuesday nights. In anticipation of both shows I'm proud to bring you an interview that I did with the guys while on tour last year. Click on the link below & enjoy! You know the drill...more coming soon.

Clink on photo below for interview

Update from 10/05/07: We made it back from GONERFEST 4, just saw the BLACK LIPS destroy KC. The last month has been busy. Met Lloyd Kaufman. The coma year (2007) at FB is almost over. Still sitting on new content. Dan Sartain interview, Black Lips interview, Brutal Knights interview. Dvd & album reviews, live photos, live videos. Be on the look out for the Fungus Boy Youtubepage coming soon. Check out the review for GRINDHOUSE .

8/25/07: I know you're waitin' for more but I don't have much to say other than that we have been lazy. It's been way too hot this summer and September is going to be a busy month. I have updated the upcoming shows and there are a ton of good ones heading our way soon. We should have a "real" update sometime before heading out to Gonerfest at the end of September.

6/16/07: Holly crap, something new. More to come........we're still kickin'. See below for a new interview I just posted & some reviews that I've been working on. I'm working on a new column and movie review page. I added some new show listings that look promising. Memphis is calling in September!! Enjoy, Mike Fungus.........this one's for you Ben!

Update from 3/05/07 : We have another amazing show announcement: Fungus Boy presents the Clorox Girls (Portland, OR) on Wednesday March 14th at The Anchor in Kansas City, MO--local bands TBA (details below). Don't miss this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update from 2/23/07: Somebody (FB2) wasn't happy with my premature announcement of monthly updates. It looks like we will be going to a once every two/three months format for updates. We haven't decided on what part of the month that we will post each new update. We have been working on new material, but with only two of us on the staff things have been moving much slower than anticipated.

Update from 12/27/06:After close to a year of not doing much next month we launch the RETURN OF THE FUNGUS. What does that mean? I'll tell you what it means, MONTHLY updates of new crap. No more broken promises of updates that never happen, we have a new self imposed monthly deadline for new material. Updates will happen the first half of each month. What can you expect? Updates will include such things as (but not limited to) new columns, reviews, movie reviews, interviews, live photos, and more. Look for the first update coming in the next few weeks. FB out, for now....fuck you 2007.

Update from 12/07/06: Nothing much new is posted yet. It's the slow time of year for shows so we will have more time to do work. Eat some BK stackers, grab a PBR 12 pack, watch a stack of bad exploitation movies, spend countless hours looking for more dvd's, cd's, lp's, books, and random junk to buy that you don't need, watch some bands dance spazzy. That's some of the time wasting we've been up to since doing a real update. Real interviews and reviews are coming....

UPDATE FROM 10/19/06 We will update the site soon, though we make no promises. Too many nights full of movies, shows, beer, and cuddle chimps. There should be some new reviews, a few interviews, and more up by Halloween. Next week I'll be sitting down with the King Khan & BBQ show for an interview. Chimp out!

UPDATE FROM 8/04/06: We've spent the last month or so trying to keep out of the 100 plus degree heat wave, and what do we have to show for it? Nothing yet. The word is out that the Deadly Snakes are calling it quits, the Melvins & Big Business are actually keeping their word and touring together (they'll stop in Lawrence on Sept 22nd). So look for new(er) interviews from the Deadly Snakes, the Melvins, and Big Business here soon!

UPDATE FROM 7/07/06: If you've been out & about in Lawrence & KC and seen the flyers/posters for the River City Tanlines show we have one minor change, The Spook Lights had to drop out of the show. Fear not we have secured the Pink Socks (ex-members of the Litigators) from Kansas City to open the show. The new River City Tanlines album comes out in September on Dirtnap Records, in the mean time to get a preview of what to expect on the 14th check out this video of the Tanlines warming up for a show in Shreveport, LA.

UPDATE FROM 6/20/06: Well we had to keep quiet about it until it was official, but we are pleased to announce that we're bringing the River City Tanlines to Lawrence, KS. The show is on Friday July 14th at the Jackpot Saloon & it will be 18 & over. We're still in the process of securing an opening band & we will post it here when we do. Head over to their MySpace page to hear and download some tunes.

UPDATE FROM 6/08/06: We made it back from the Chicago Blackout and we've spent the last week & a half recovering. We had a good time, saw some really great bands, and drank a lot of beer. New 2006 Blackout photo page is here, click on the toilet to get there!!! New stuff in the works soon, including a Vaz interview & more.

UPDATE FROM 5/23/06: Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for, the first day of the last ever Chicago Blackout. If you're not going you are truly missing one of the greatest music festivals ever. Bands I'm looking forward to are The Marked Men, King Khan & BBQ Show, Clone Defects, Live Fast Die, Oblivians. For the extra day shows the Catholic Boys last show ever, Kill The Hippies, Feelers, Rat Traps, hell all of the bands are worth seeing. We will have some Blackout pictures up for you on Tuesday or Wednesday, right now I've got to finnish packing my bags. See you tomorrow if you're going!

Update from 5/04/06: Finally some new content hits the site this week. First up we have the long awaited Human Eye interview, next up is the new installment of my Ape Shall Never Kill Ape column (AKA: Rantboy), and I put up six new album reviews here. We should have another update before we leave for the Chicago Blackout in 20 days. FYI: We still have copies of the Monitors 7" on color vinyl if you order directly from us, & we'll be taking these along to Chicago to sell at the Blackout.

UPDATE FROM 4/06/06: Buy the LIVE FAST DIE album it is one of best of 2006. The new MARKED MEN album hits in May on SWAMI. Go see SLiTHER at the theaters help out the new face of horror. New record reviews & that fucking Human Eye interview is almost done. Why are we so lazy? We are going to update this site more often this year. So we plan on having something new up by the end of the month every month. Why is the price of a 12 pack of PBR up to $7.50+ ?

UPDATE FROM 3/01/06 New Record reviews are up record reviews. More new crap still in the works suckers.

UPDATE FROM 2/02/06 New Film reviews HERE . We got the HUMAN EYE interview typed, just waiting on the design. It will be up later in the week. Record reviews are also almost done.

Update from 12/30/05 Updated the ordering info on the Fungus Boy Records page (click on the logo above) to include on-line retailers & the record is now available in Europe.

Update from 12/16/05: Added some new MENS ROOMS photos with GASLIGHT TAVERN, RECORD BAR, & a EL TORREON (update). New film and record reviews are almost done.

The colder weather has hit the Mid-West and almost put us into a mini-hibernation. New stuff coming before the end of the month, I promise. What have we been up to other than stuffing Monitors singles into packages, well we sat down with the Deadly Snakes for a new interview about their amazing new album Porcella, almost had an interview with the Reigning Sound but time constraints put it on hold. Right now you can order the Monitors seven inch from Underground Medicine, (more on-line retailers will carry this soon) but the only way to get a copy on color vinyl is to order directly from us. Please note: NO PAYPAL, I know this is an inconvenience but we like to do things the old fashioned way.

Update from 10/19/05: THE MONITORS 7" IS OUT NOW, yes it's finally done. Info & ordering here, We're sending them out to some of our favorite on-line retailers next week (I will post a list when it becomes available) & we should have some out at the Love Garden for those of you who live in the Lawrence/ KC area. It looks like the Deadly Snakes are bypassing Lawrence for Columbia, MO, so I guess I'll have to make a three hour drive to see 'em. Maybe we'll even post some new stuff in the next week.

Update from 10/18/05: The Monitors single should be out by the end of the week, the records are here at Fungus Boy HQ, we're just waiting to get the covers back from the printer. Some of your favorite on-line retailers will have it soon or you can get it straight from us. More news on the record release show as soon as plans are finalized.

This weeks top search strings that landed people here at #1 Clorox Girls, #2 Gangbangs, #3 Gummo, #13 Dogs Fucking Young Girls, #14 Gay Guys On Weed. Other recent favorites include (and we're not making this shit up):

Gay Zombies, George Bush Playing Guitar, American Beer Sucks, Sexin, Clap Your Tits, Real Gangbangs, Finger Fungus, Conan O Brien Has A Fan Club, Black Devils Olsen Twins, Bob Log Sony Pony Dick, Star Crunch, Lenny Krabits, Steven Segall Keyboards, Sexin War

Update from 9/23/05: Good news, the Monitors single is at the pressing plant & should be out in October. Even better news, the Monitors are planning on making their way to Kansas for a record release show!! No exact date or venue has been confirmed as of now, but we will keep you posted. Had to miss Gonerfest 2 due to work but come on out tomorrow & check out the Makers at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence, KS. These boys haven't played in Lawrence since 1998! Check out the shows below, The Deadly Snakes & The Reigning Sound both come to the Lawrence a day apart from each other in November.

Update from 9/09/05:I've been telling you all about a big announcement, well here it is. We're starting a label, debut seven inch from the Monitors (ex-Kill-A-Watts) out soon! Check this out for more info: Fungus Boy Records. New interviews & reviews up soon!

Here are two old Rocket from the Crypt interviews RFTC 1993 and RFTC 1995 They will play their final show on halloween night in San Diego. For more info on the show go to their website. Also a few new live photos up in live Fungus.

Update from 8/26/05: New live photos CLICK HERE , Some new film reviews FILM, Mens Rooms is also updated with Mojos.

I redesigned the BBQ interview because the old one looked boring. If you have sent us an e-mail in the past few months with the address listed above we more than likely will never get it, server bug that we haven't fixed yet. In the mean time you can contact us through the e-mail in the staff section. Sorry to anyone who wrote & didn't get a reply.

Update from 8/05/05: All right, so I broke my promise to give you something new, we just haven't gotten around to it yet. We were so close to getting the Marked Men back in Lawrence that we could taste it & then the whole thing fell through. The show would have been next week, the guys promise they'll make it back to Lawrence next time. We're close to being able to give you the official word on a big announcement.

Update from 6/29/05: We're in the process of typing new interviews & should have some up in the next few weeks to come. If all goes as planned we're probably going to start updating the site at the first of each month with new content in all sections. We've got some interviews that we did last summer with some really great bands that we will have up soon. In addition to that we have a few other things that we're working on outside of the website that will be able to announce soon. Keep checking back.

Update from 5/27/05: Here is some pictures from the Blackout: BLACKOUT 2005

Update from 5/13/05: We've been promising it for a long time so here it is, new content. Two new interviews up now leading off with the Zodiac Killers & BBQ, we also have some new album reviews, a new Ape Shall Never Kill Ape column, & finally a new Have We Got Video movie review page. We might manage to squeeze in a few more new things before we head off for our third trip to the Chicago Blackout on Thursday.

Update from 5/10/05: Look for some new record reviews up by the end of the week. I haven't had time to take my computer to get fixed yet, we're still having problems with a virus that won't go away.

It's almost time for our trip to the Blackout in Chicago. We will be in Chicago next Thursday & it should be another crazy time of drunken rock action.

Be sure to drag your loser friends, retarded neighbors, lazy kids, pool boy, town drunk, and your lame ass to see George A. Romero's "Land of the Dead" or the 4th film in his living dead series. Which hits theaters on June 24th. A lot of various new junk in the works, check back by the end of the week for new interviews, reviews & more. (Check the interview section now for an interview that we haven't announced in the updates)

Update from 3/31/05: Today marks our one year anniversary on-line! What have we got for you? Nothing yet, we've still got the bug but we're in the process of getting a back up. I could post the new stuff minus photos, but that would be boring. We sat down with Alicja and Rich from the Lost Sounds for a new interview after their show in Columbia so look for that soon. As far as the new stuff we've got some interviews from the 2004 Chicago Blackout yet to post, along with new reviews, columns, and more. Also be on the look out for the final interview with a band that just released their last LP, here's a hint: "Oh Cheeseburger!".

Update from 3/05/05: We're still battling a computer virus that's causing a lot of headaches for us. Once we get the system re-booted we will be able to complete a big update with new interviews, music & movie reviews, and new columns. Hopefully we'll have everything fixed by this time next week. Tomorrow night we're heading to Columbia, MO to see the Lost Sounds again. It's going to be a great show and we plan on doing an new interview with them. In May we're off to attend the Chicago Blackout once again. On March 31 we will celebrate the one year anniversary of this site being on-line. Next up a new print issue? We'll have to wait and see.

Update from 2/17/05: The lack of updates is mainly due to my computer being messed up with a virus. It shows my hard drive is full when it is not. Not sure how to fix it, but hopefully it will be back to normal soon. I added some new movie reviews go here movie reviews. to read them. Also a new column is up. We have the ZODIAC KLLERS interview typed but are waiting on the design. Until next time...

Update from 1/28/05: Major update coming soon! We mean it this time. Sorry for the delays in the lack of new content, we're in the process of typing new interviews, columns, reviews (album & movie), and other things in the works.

Update from 12/10/04: Just added a new live photo section go here to view it. New film reviews and record reviews up soon. Last week we made it out to Warrensburg, MO to check out the return of the Black Halos. Not much happening in December show wise. The Hives & The Deadly Snakes both make their way into Lawrence on Monday. We tried like mad to get the Lids/Final Solutions show in Lawrence, but with no luck. At least they got a show in St. Louis, too bad for us if we go we have to drive five hours. We might actually get some work done with the down time this month. See you next time....

Update from 11/18/04: We just posted a new interview for you to enjoy. Check our interview with Vee Dee that we did over the summer. Look for new interviews to be added over the next few weeks as well as my new review page devoted to seven inh singles.

Some new film reviews are up. As well as some new columns/updates.

Update from 11/04/04: We apologize for the lack of updates this past month, on October 7 our modem was destroyed by lightning. After countless tech support calls, too many hours wasted, frustration, and basically getting the run around we are back. I won't go into the details but basically we went almost an entire month with no internet access at all. On to the good stuff, we took a road trip to Oklahoma City and are back with fresh interviews with the Spits & the Dwarves. Keep checking back in the next few days for new content.

Update from 10/01/04: Changed some of the upcoming shows info, take note several have been canceled with no word on rescheduling. We're working on new movie & DVD reviews and should have some up by the end of the weekend. We're off to see The Pixies tonight!

Update from 9/24/04: We posted some new album reviews and plan on having more up in the next few weeks. Not much happening in Fungusland right now. There has been only a few good shows in the past several weeks and yet we are still back logged with interviews that we need to type. More updates on the way, keep checking. Just like Pop Tarts Fungus Boy is crazy good.

Update from 9/10/04: The Lost Sounds show in Columbia, MO on the 28th didn't happen due to an illness in the band. Luckily we found out before we drove three hours only to be disappointed. Last week we did some new interviews, one with BBQ, Mr. Mark Sultan himself, we spoke about the Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos and his current solo project. On Saturday we did our fourth interview with one of our favorite bands, see the picture below to figure out who it was. New reviews up when we feel like it. A few new mens room pics up now! New movie section coming soon...........

Update from 8/27/04: Tomorrow night the Lost Sounds wrap up their tour in Columbia, Missouri so we're off on another road trip. We should be able to get a new interview with them & we'll definitely have some pictures to post in next week or so. New reviews will be up in the next week & the next round of interviews are going to be typed as well. If you're not making it out to see the Lost Sounds be sure to head on out to Lawrence Monday night to see Throw Rag & Cocknoose, then make your way up to Kansas City to check out the Mystery Girls & BBQ on Wednesday night. Also don't miss the Melvins, just one week from tomorrow! I added a few shows to the upcoming list, thankfully the Hot Snakes are coming back through.

Update from 8/13/04: We're still recovering from the Vee Dee, Burning Brides, and Riverboat Gamblers shows which all rolled through this past week. If everything works out Vee Dee will be back in Lawrence before the end of the year. Many thanks go out to Kriss & the Ramalamas for opening the Vee Dee show. (Hopefully) Next week we'll have new album & seven inch reviews up, in the mean time scroll down for new interviews that we posted last week.

Vee Dee live at the Eight Street Taproom 8/05/04


Update from 8/03/04: NEW INTERVIEWS UP NOW!! Here are some interviews we did at the Chicago Blackout, The Real Losers, Clorox Girls, & The Deadly Snakes are now up, more from the Blackout on the way.

Here is a pic from The Marked Men show at the Eight Street Taproom (7/26/04)

Update from 7/29/04: Well the moment we had been waiting for has come & gone and all I can say is that The Marked Men show on Monday night was amazing. Even though it was the last show on the tour they played with as much passion and intensity as any other show. Thanks go out to the Donkey Show for opening up the night. I'm really looking forward to next week when Vee Dee will be making their first ever visit to Lawrence. We got three new interviews that will be up in the next few days, so keep checking back to find out who they are.

Update from 8/03/04: Only two more days until VEE DEE comes to town!!! Come on out and witness this great band from Chicago. They have been compared to Radio Birdman with a dash of the Misfits, either way these guys are amazing. Check out their debut album "Furthur" out now on Criminal IQ Records. Don't miss out on this show! Kansas City's Ramalamas make their second ever Lawrence apperance.

Update from 7/22/04: We just got confirmation that Kansas City's own RAMALAMAS will be opening for Vee Dee on August 5th. The Ramalamas feature former members of Cretin 66 & the Last Of The V8's. Come down & check out their brand of high octane rock 'n roll. New pisser photos up in the column section.

Update from 7/17/04: Well it looks like Lawrence's own depraved sons DONKEY SHOW will be opening for The Marked Men on the 26th. I'm still waiting to hear from a certain band from Kansas City about opening the Vee Dee show. If you happen to be any where near the area for these two shows come on out, you won't regret it. This is THE LAST show on The Marked Men tour & possibly their last in at least a year. Yeah, I know it says that in the following paragraphs as well, but it's your loss if you miss this show.

I've got interviews with the Clorox Girls, The Real Losers, and The Deadly Snakes typed up and waiting for design, they should be up in the next week. I also plan on posting our interview with The Marked Men before they make their way to Lawrence. We'll have some new album reviews up soon as well.

Update from 7/07/04: We just got confirmation last night that our plans to bring The Marked Men to Lawrence, Kansas have come true. The show will take place on Monday July 26th at the Eight Street Tap Room, 801 New Hampshire, in Lawrence, Kansas. Opening band TBA, cover charge only 2 bucks, sorry kids this show is 21 & over only. This is possibly THE LAST show that The Marked Men will do in at least a year as Jeff is moving to Japan. Come on out and have fun & meet the Fungus Boy crew. Get in touch with us if you plan on traveling from out of town as we may have an after party. Go to their website for MP3s.

JUST IN....We're also bringing VEE DEE to Lawrence on August 5th. Check out this incredible band from Chicago, Jimmy Hollywood describes them as "Radio Birdman meets TSOL". Get their debut album on Criminal IQ. E-mail us if you need more info on both shows.

Update from 6/22/04: We just saw the Ponys on Sunday night & they were kind enough to sit down for an interview. Interviews from the Blackout are being typed as you read this & they will be up soon.

New column by Jeff Watts HERE. Live photos from Minneapolis up soon.

Update from 6/10---We're back from Minneapolis & 3 more nights of rock action. Thanks go out to Hideo for the Twin Cities Fest. Also thanks to Derek & the Catheters, & Mike and the rest of the Riverboat Gamblers. I managed to get interviews with The Marked Men, the Functional Blackouts, and (one of my favorites) The Kill-A-Watts! We've got to sort through all of this & the Blackout stuff so I'll have my hands full trying to type all these interviews & post them in the next few weeks. Bands/labels if you're interested in sending material for review the address is at the top of the page. Keep checking back & let us know what you think.

Update from 5/26---We made it back from the Chicago Blackout here's some pictures. Mike Did INTERVIEWS with -- The Real Losers, Catholic Boys, Clorox Girls, Reatards (with Rich), Deadly Snakes, Paul Spence (CPC Gangbangs), & Zodiac Killers. Once we start typing them well post them. - New interviews up with The Riverboat Gamblers, & Rocket From The Crypt. From the vaults interviews with the Melvins from 1995 & 1996, Gas Huffer interview from 1994, new Ape Shall Never Kill Ape column, a few new music reviews. Coming soon: Guest columns from your favorite people/bands, interviews with the Mexican Blackbirds, Turbonegro, The Briefs, and a whole lot more.