So I've been having some problems with a virus on my computer. (it's still not fixed yet) It shows I don't have any space left on the hard drive. Which makes it real hard/next to impossible to design any thing. I subscribe to Mcafee virus scan which I can't recommend at all. I need to get this fixed soon but am running out of ideas.

So after going a month with out the internet what did we learn? I think It might be possible to return to a world where you had to get off your lazy ass and go to a record store just to find out about some good music. Shit I guess the net has some useful junk as well as vast amounts of time wasting message boards, hot dog eating, auctions, and what ever the sick minds of the world can dream up. I sure saved a lot of money by not ordering a bunch of dvd's. {well, that line went out the window with the DDD 20% off sale} They have low prices to start with. So It was time to stock up on some titles even if I don't watch them for a while. I got the Ed Wood box set, Thriller, Freaks, Forbidden Zone, Lady Terminator, Evil Speak, Flesh Eaters, I Drink Your Blood, and a few others. Oh, and the complete Pee Wee's Playhouse series. I use to watch this quite a bit as kid. Saturday morning cartoons bowls of cereal and Pee Wee. The secret word for the day is "Five season worth". I have some reviews of a few of the movies typed.

Time to write another column. Not a whole lot has been going on the past couple of months. Just the usual drinking beer and watching crazy movies. Not many good concerts lately. I guess that's not really that bad a thing. I got use to going to a show about every week. So it's a nice break, but also I miss seeing bands play. The bands we've seen lately are September- BBQ, The Mystery Girls, Melvins, Monster Magnet. October Pixies, Jucifer, Thee Shams, Ponys, Dirtbombs. Spits and Dwarves in OKC one of the best shows I've seen the last six months theses guys killed. November- Hot Snakes, KC5 (MC5 cover band), Funhouse (Stooges cover band), Dan Melchiors Broke Revue, We Invented Tornadoes, Black Halos, Fu Manchu. December- Deadly Snakes, Hives, The Bronx (on the same bill). So its been three weeks since we've been to a concert. Not much listed on the coming up. So I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I haven't heard of many new good albums coming out this year but there has to be some. Queens of the Stone Age new album on March 22.

Two articles of interest I saw in the news paper recently are a 1072 pound guy, now he's down to 500 something. A couple in a small Kansas town who ran a home for the mentally ill. Who where arrested for forcing adult mentally ill people to work on their farm as slaves in the nude. The place has been open for fifteen years and has never offered any real treatment. It said they shocked one guys balls with a taser to scare the other patients. This ones a little late but thanks go out to the KC Royals for losing 104 games last season.

My new goal in life is to become famous enough that in ten years I can be on the Surreal Life #14. Get drunk and piss, maybe even take a crap on the floor.

George A. Romero just finished filming the fourth film in his livnig dead series "Land of the Dead" resuming afrter 1985's "Day of the Dead".

I haven't been feeling very creative lately. I know this column fells very random, but that's how I wrote the thing.

We have lots of junk in the works, I plan to add more of the old FB interviews it's a nice document of the bands that were putting out good records..`.... Keep the PBR on ice, the dvd player loaded down with horror films, and your stereo stocked with punk rock........................ thanks for reading .......................Untill next time ......Jeff Fungus Thursday Feb. 4,2005