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A side: Electric Knife, Fungus Boy

B side: Missing Hand, Jerks Down At Bubble Drome

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Hey kids Fungus Boy has started a record label and our first release is the debut 4 song seven inch from the Monitors. The Monitors are Ryan & Mechadrum (ex-Kill-A-Watts) & Wendy (ex-Jane Doe & The Cop Haters, & Kryptonite Records). This single is limited to 500 copies and the first 200 are on translucent green vinyl. Four amazing songs by these future punx from Wisconsin. Fans of the Kill-A-Watts won't be disappointed, but don't expect a repeat, the Monitors are here and now with a different sound. Imagine Mad Max meets the Screamers as this punk battle rages on minus a guitar, this trio will blow out your speakers with only drums, bass, and an old wurlitzer piano. Expect to hear a lot more from these guys, they already have two more singles coming out on others labels.

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Terminal Boredom

Monitors "Electric Knife" 7"
Debut single from Wiconsonian all-star cast of future punks. Straight-up synth punk done right. Done right how, you ask? Well, they main thing is that 1-D (aka Wendy, ex-Lookers and ex-Kryptonite Records) can actually play the keys, instead of just doling out lame ass one finger/one note drone. They also have a good and funny gimmick: they're from the future, man! I always said Ryan Kill-A-Watt could write great songs, and "Electric Knife" is another fine example. Sounds like the Screamers if they were on Rip Off Records. Really, it's good. "Fungus Boy" switches to Wendy on vox, as does "Missing Hand", both of which are head-of-the-class synth-snot rockers. "(Jerks Down at) Bubble Drome" might be my fave, simple electro-punk that even sounds a little bit Le Shoky. Or Le Schlocky, but I mean that in a good way. An impressive start, and way better than I thought it would be. Also a must-own for a cover pic of Ryan in lame hot pants, tights, eyeliner, and go go boots, Wendy as the punk Judy Jetson, and Mechadrum looking like a duct-taped post-apocalyptic biker reject from Lord Humungus' horde. Take notes on this one kids. This is gimmickry done right. Dickie Christgau says A+. Scum stats: 500 copies, 200 on translucent green vinyl. Nice job Fungus Boy. (RK)

Now Wave Magazine

The Monitors
self-titled 7"
(Fungus Boy Records)


In case you didn't know, the Monitors feature both Ryan and Mechadrum from the Kill-a-watts. Mechadrum plays drums, Ryan plays bass, and Ryan's wife Wendy, a.k.a 1-D (which happens to be her cup size) plays the electric piano. No guitar here, folks. This is their second single. The other one came out on Goodbye Boozy Records, so chances are you will never hear it. Anyways...

To these ears, the Monitors sound like the Screamers if the Screamers liked carnival music and didn't try so hard to be so dark and edgy. I was kinda skeptical about how this would be...the picture on the cover is so goofy. Mechadrum looks like a fat cyborg, Ryan looks like a gay biker from the future, and Wendy looks like Judy Jetson. However, when I put the record on, I was pleasantly surprised. It's really good. Bass-driven punk that is catchy but not overly poppy.

Come to think of it, the Monitors sound isn't that far of a departure from what the Kill-a-watts were doing; this is definitely less frantic and more hooky.

I liked all four songs on this record, but my picks to click are the B-side cuts, "Missing Hand" and "Jerks Down at the Bubble Drome".

Definitely worth picking up.

Ryan, if yer reading this, you still owe me some records, MOTHERFUCKER!!!

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