Fucking cell phones, I see them everywhere I go. There’s always some dip shit with one plastered to their heads walking in circles like a fucking zombie. You’ve seen them, they have taken up space in the grocery stores, the restaurants, the record stores, the clubs, the movie theaters, and just about any place in public that they can make themselves a huge nuisance. Why do all their conversations begin with the other person on the line asking where they are? Why do they have to talk so loud? Why do they circle? The worst thing is that once someone answers their cell phone the become oblivious to people around them and act as though no one will be bothered by how loud they talk or if they are taking up an entire aisle in a store. Most of the conversations that I overhear unwillingly are the stupidest most pathetic things I have witnessed.

I don’t know which is worse, the people that constantly have a lump of plastic constantly stuck to their heads or those who conveniently have their phones hung on their belt loops desperately waiting for a phone call that’s never coming. I fucking hate cell phones.

So I never thought going without internet service for almost an entire month would drive me so insane. We had the bad luck of our modem being zapped by lightning. I really didn’t miss all the hours I wasted everyday looking at the same sites over and over, I really just missed the fact that I felt out of the loop on everything. My whole world can be found and updated on the websites that I scan everyday. What I really missed was the thought that some one might put out a seven inch that I didn’t know about, or that some band (God forbid them) would book a tour that I didn’t know about. Maybe some crappy DVD that I wanted to buy was coming out that I just had to purchase on the day that it came it out yet I have no plans to watch it any time soon. Why do I keep checking the same sites over and over each day? Why do I enjoy reading message boards but I hate to post on them? It’s just too easy to search for something and almost instantly find out vital (at least I think, in my twisted mind that it’s vital) information on any movie, book, record, band, upcoming release, tour date, movie time, drink special, driving directions, travel plans, message board, web sites that are not updated as often as they should be (like this one).

For all you tech support monkeys who have been outsourced your day will soon come. Fucking cell phones, I hate them………

I had never really given much effort into getting a website together, sure I like to talk about ideas and things that I would like to do, but in reality I have been sitting on over nine years worth of backlog that I had little desire to tackle and make public. I guess I needed the kick in the pants that my little brother gave me when he got this site on it’s feet just over a year ago. While I admit I would like to increase the pace at which I get off my ass and type/design interviews & reviews I am happy with the progress that we have made. I have managed to maintain working a demanding full time job, a personal life, and time to work on something that I truly love, which is music, listening to, seeing, and interviewing bands. My obsession with music started in the early 1980’s when I watched Devo’s “Whip It” video on a scrambled TV station that was on the verge of full on MTV domination. That obsession has been with me for over twenty years of my life and led me to where I sit today. Never really a musician per se, but one that who always loves music, I’ve always wanted to be around it. A simple thing got me into the whole “fanzine” idea back in 1993, my brother mentioned that one of his friends had a copy machine at his house and boom the zine was born. Even though a lot of the interviews that I have done in the past nine years (things came to sputter in ’96) will probably never see the light of day, I don’t care. My obsession keeps me buying records, it keeps me out in the clubs seeing shows, it keeps chasing after the bands that I like for interviews, it keeps me wanting to do this website. My obsessive compulsive disorder for music will be my eventual downfall. I’ll end up in the nuthouse or become on of those guys who does not even own a television. Or maybe I’ll be one of those guys that dies in their house when they are crushed by a pile of things that they’ve been hoarding over the years, stacks of magazines, records, CDs, DVDs, who know what else. Maybe one day I’ll cease to care about material things, until that day I embrace my O.C.D..

In the long span since my last column: Best show of the year (just as it was in 2003) was the Chicago Blackout. Yes, I have already got my tickets for this year. It has been the slowest year ever for good shows locally, some the best the since the last column include: Ernie Q putting out the Spits & Blackout 2003 DVDs with footage that I shot, The “Hideo Fest” in Minneapolis last year with the Marked Men, Functional Blackouts, Tyrades, & The Kill-A-Watts (last show), and more. The Deadly Snakes opening for the Hives in Lawrence, The Ponys & The Dirtbombs at the Bottleneck, seeing the Melvins again, booking shows with Vee Dee and the Marked Men in Lawrence within two weeks of each other, seeing the Mystery Girls and BBQ in Kansas City, Dan Melchior in KC, traveling to Oklahoma City to see the Spits & the Dwarves. The bad things the past six months: not seeing the Lost Sounds since August of 2003 (I did get to see them in March though), not being able to get the Lids/Final Solutions tour in Lawrence or KC, the Catholic Boys not being able to play in Lawrence, Vee Dee getting me excited with hopes of playing again here in March and then backing out (at least I’lll see you in May at the Blackout). I can only hope this year is better for shows or else I’ll have to put more miles on the car.


Feelers - Learn To Hate…
First full length comes with a free headache and a smile.

Reatards - Bedroom Disasters
Jay Jay has literally made me shite my pants with this collection of number one hits.

Lost Sounds - s/t
Another stunning album that gets better with each spin.

Seven Inch singles - 2004 the year of the good seven inch single

DVD: Ray Dennis Steckler, The king of the B-movie gets (almost) his whole filmography released on disc.

The War on Terror: the name of my new metal band or G.W. in action?

Message Boards: Readin’ but not postin’ much.

Carnivale: Party like it’s 1934 Bitches! HBO does good with the Lynch midget and the kid from Bully.