1987 COLOR 87 MIN.
I remember watching this on Cinemax or USA Up All Night back when I was growing up. It was pretty funny back then. New Concorde’s attempt at a Gremlins type movie. Which they don’t try and hide, with some references to it. The Munchies steal a Gremlin car (my mom use to drive one until my older brothers rolled it when they were joy riding in the country) in one scene, a headline about Gremlins in a news paper. This movie is really hurt by the PG rating, If it had some profanity and nudity it would be a lot more likeable. The closest we come is a scene at the miniature golf course of some girls in miniskirts bending over with their panties showing. A funny scene at a ice cream parolor and the kids name is “Little Buddy Holly”. This movie is so bad its good, not great but worth some laughs (your kids might like it). What is a Munchie you might be asking? A alien creature form another planet, or a dumb looking puppet? For fans of bad movies. You gotta love the ‘80’s. The audio only comes out of one speaker.
EXTRAS- Trailer

disinformation The Complete Series -
1999/2004 COLOR 480 MIN. DVD
“If you don’t ask yourself if were making this stuff up. Then were not doing our job”. disinfo was a TV show that aired in the UK, it aired after Alley McBeal. The series was bought by SCI FI Channel, which never aired the program (once you watch it you’ll see why). The Ripely's believe it or not of the freak world that is America. Disinfo have a few books out “Everything you Know is Wrong”, “You Are Being Lied To”. Some good stuff on here. High lights from the episodes
Show 1 Outsider music, (In Canada music video).Uncle Goddamn, Brice Taylor (cia sex slave... ), Uncle Goddamn
Show 2
Dorky Satan worshiping guys, Fetish Ball
Show 3
Rocket Boy (funny stuff), Uncle Goddamn 3
Show 4
Extreme Pornography, Brother Theodore.
SATANISM, WEIRD CONSPIRACY THEORIES, TIME TRAVEL, SUBCULTURE, PORN, INTERVIEWS, MORE WEIRDOS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT, My kind of entertainment. Yeah buddy there is some messed up people in the USA. Good to show at parties and freak out your loser friends. Don’t forget the CIA sex slaves and Sly Stalone dolphin porn. This one needs to be seen. Also look for the recently released Uncle Goddamn DVD! [DISINFO]

1986 COLOR 77 MIN.
Another one from Jim Wynorski (Not of this Earth/The Return Of Swamp Thing/Etc.) so you know theres gonna be some nude girls. Here we have a glorious 4:3 Full frame version of the film, 2.0 Stereo, at least it’s on dvd. The story a shopping mall buys some robots to be the new security guards at a mall. Then the place gets hit by lightning and the robots start killing people. A group of couples have a party in a department store and are in for a little more fun then intended. As they have to fight the kill bots (also the original title, which makes more sense because the robots don’t do any chopping. But Chopping Mall sounds better) for their lives. Stars Barbara Crampton who was in Re-Animator, the blonde (the less attractive) girl from Night of the Comets, and Russell Todd from Firday the 13th. Cameos by Dick Miller, Marry Woronov, and Paul Bartel, hey it is a Corman produced film. Some nice gore scenes. Like a girls head exploding. It was made in the 80’s so expect cheesy music, dialogue, and acting. Not a bad film if you don’t go in with too high of hopes. Extras - Commentary with director and co-writer Jim Wynorski & writer Steve Mitchell. Theatrical trailer. [Lions Gate]

If this is what a reform school is like sign me up. Trashy girls hanging out in skimpy underwear. Multiple shower scenes, cat fights, and cheesy music. This movies is a parody of the women in prison films that we all love. Stars Wendy O. Williams of the PLASMATICS, wait this is a reform school for juveniles. Wendy sure don’t look like she’s under eighteen years old. It is more of a comedy so its not a big deal. A fun as hell scene of her driving a school bus smashing the front window out, climbing up on the roof as the bus drives forward without a driver. Pat Ast plays a very mean guard. Overall a good movie with a nice riot ending.
Extras: 16x9, Audio commentary with Director & Humorist, Some funny trailers, Still gallery, [Anchor Bay]


Another Italian zombie film! A professor unseals a crypt full of the living dead. We get right into the action within the first five minutes. A group a people held up in a mansion try and fend off the zombie attack. The zombies are slow moving Luci Fulci style, also similar to the look of Tombs of the Blind Dead. Mostly cheap looking but effective, some look good. There’s a creepy looking kid (kinda like a young Dario Argento) with scary eyes. The people just stand around and scream as the zombies come toward them. Excessive close ups, bad use of music, sound effects, and English dubbing. A couple nice scenes one of a beheading, the best scene is when the kid turns into a zombie and bites his moms nipple off. Not great but what did you expect? There are a lot better zombie movies out there. Sex, gore, blood, and boring. The back of the dvd says “..sure to attract a new legion of horror-crazed fans and solidify the film’s reputation as the next ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!” What the hell have the people over at Shriek Show been smoking. This movie has nothing remotely like that movie, and is not very good. More for those looking to complete their zombie film library.
Extras - Still Gallery, Trailers for other Shriek Show Dvds, Interviews. [SHRIEK SHOW]



R.E. 2 Delivers the goods with stripper zombies, little kid zombies, and just flat out more zombies then the first one. If you liked the first R.E. film you will like this one as well. The basic plot is a group of people trapped in Raccoon city which is chock full o’ zombies. Basically a hour and thirty five minutes of action. The complaints I have are: Most of the fight scenes have quick cuts, with out enough zombie close ups. The second complaint is why do we need a wise cracking black guy? Saying bad one liners. This movie is really hurt by this bad attempt to add some humor. Actually overall it’s a good movie. The Nemesis is bad ass, It’s nice to see a monster who isn’t a complete pussy. A couple scenes remind me of the Dawn of the Dead remake, which was filmed around the same time. A scene in a grave yard with zombies coming out of graves is left unexplained. How did the corpses in the graves get infected? Your not missing out on very much if you opt to wait for the dvd release which is already slated for December. Try not to get bit by the zombie douchebags in the theater seats next to you. Also look out for more zombie dogs, and a brief appearance of Milla’s tits.


1972 COLOR

Loads of cute topless girls. The plot is hard to follow. The movie drags on a little in the middle. Excessive amounts of flashbacks, do we need ten minutes of a witch burning at the stake? Do you like Italian girls in miniskirts and tight shirts?, rubber bats on strings, flashbacks, sacrifices, goofy looking cult dudes, satan worship, witches, vampires, and cute girls chained up? Also a long opening from Redemption, with British girls dressed in Nazi uniforms, before they remove them. The movie is not bad, with good use of colored lights and fog machines. Dig those 1970’s fashions. Reminds me some of the Coffin Joe films from Brazil. Be on the look out for a real dippy girl with big eyes. A nice Gothic feel with the castle setting, more euro horror to add to your collection. In Italian w/ English subtitles. The only extra is a trailer. Avaliable in a box set with Living Dead Girl, and Night of the Hunted (a decent flick w/ the very attractive Brigete Lahaie) AKA the Zombie Box. Which you can get for around $30. The back has a line about “BUNK UPS”. What the hell is a Bunk up? Any way not a bad film to waste a little time on. [REDEMPTION/IMAGE]