Hell Yeah! is right, I eagerly awaited this album to show up in the P.O. Box after only hearing one song off it. Horror Pops are form Copenhagen Denmark. This band contains Nekroman from the Nekromantix, as well as two go go dancers. You will fall instantly in love with Patricia's voice (vocalist/stand up bass). This bands plays a number of different styles Psychobilly, Horror punk, with traces of 80's new wave, and ska. The first three tracks are amazing then the album slow downs a bit. A lucky 13 tracks. Catchy as hell lyrics. Great album, pick up a copy or two today. Also available as limited edition picture disc and vinyl. Watch some VIDEOS or check out the bands WEBSITE [HELLCAT] JW

THE SPITS - 3rd album
I have to be honest I didn’t like this one that much on the first listen. It has some really good songs. The more I hear this the more I hear how good it is. Not quite as focused as their second album. Buy it, crank this one up and hit repeat on the cd player. 100 copies on red vinyl already sold out on their West Coast tour. Also check out the picture of Erin and Sean when they where young. Wait, forget what I said about this being less focused. This album is great. From the opening track "Witch Hunt" you know youre in for another classic. Then when the second track plays "Space Guitar" you know you now own a record you can't live wih out. Songs about nuclear bombs, the FBI and martians. [Dirtnap] JW

I bought this cd after seeing them play at the Replay Lounge the day after we got back from Chicago. These guys have got their shit together. Think early SOCIAL DISTORION, and 80’s punkbut different more rock n’ roll. Check these guys out you won’t be disappointed. Great lyrics, catchy as hell. I listen to this album all the time. “ALL MY FRIENDS ARE EVIL” BOTTLES + SKULLS 75 Buena Vista East # 505 San Francisco, CA 94117 Website or www.sickroomrecords.com [Sick Room] JW

Terrible cover art compared to the previous D.S. For those of you new to Desert Sessions. This long running series was started back in 1997 by the former KYUSS guitar player / current QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE main frontman and guitar player. 1-6 originally released as 10” records then in 2 volume CD versions on Mans Ruin records. Which went bankrupt in the “stoner rock” business world. Volume 7-8 came out on REKORDS REKORDS (Josh’s label)/ SOUTHERN LORD. The main idea get a group of musicians together in the desert to hang out and record songs. This volume features Josh Homme, PJ Harvey, Dean Ween, Alain Johannes, Troy Van Leeuwen, Twiggy Ramirez., and some regulars from the series. You won’t like every song on here but the ones that are good make this one worthy of a purchase. With best ones being “Crawl Home”, “In My Head...Or Something”. Don’t expect a straight ahead rock record, as this is more experimental. [REKORDS REKORDS / IPECAC] JW

Not since back in the middle 1980’s has a movie soundtrack been released that was actually good. A great collection of Rob Zombie songs along with some older song to make up a great album. “House of 1000 Corpses” “Everybody Scream” “Pussy Liquor” {Back on the 4th of July we were sitting outside with this cd cranked up at a BBQ, when out in the street in front of our house the ice cream man stops to serve some neighbor kids as “PUSSY LIQUOR” plays, you can’t get much better then that.} all the Bob Zombie songs are good. Plenty of dialogue from the movie. A RAMONES SONG, some BUCK OWENS, and SLIM WHITMAN. I didn’t care much for the Lionel Richie/Rob Zombie version of “Brick House”. Over all a good album. Also a great movie, even thogh most ideas were taken from other horror movies. www.houseof1000corpses.com & www.robzombie.com Other recomended movie sound tracks are REPO MAN & RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD are classics. [Geffen] JW

Eight songs a little under nine minutes just what you should expect from one of the greatest bands ever. I like how the back states “THOUGH PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED, THESE SONGS SOUND SIMILAR TO MINOR THREAT’S FIRST 7” EP”. If your new to MINOR THREAT do your self a favor and pick up the complete discography CD instead. This ones more for the fans but still good. Also be sure to check out the live DVD that just came out. www.dischord.com [Dischord] JW

Contains four new tracks of IGGY WITH THE STOOGES, not great but what did you expect? “Little Know It All” Iggy with SUM 41, which is a good song. Hey if this makes teenage mall punk kids buy some Stooges albums I’m all for it. A couple songs with GREEN DAY, a band I have never listened to. A song with PEACHES “ROCK SHOW”. As with most Iggy solo albums you will not like every song. Compared to "Beat em' Up" this album has less of a metal feel to the guitars.

Having seen Fu Manchu live twice and being impressed with the live show both times.T he last time I saw them being a really good show. Here you have a two disc live album recorded on the “California Crossing” tour in 2002. A good collection of songs including old and new songs. I’m more into their last three albums than the earlier release which had some different members. Two of the guys that went on to form another note worthy rock band NEBULA. Fans of Threes Company and Fast Times At Ridgemont High grab your skate boards and fire up the boogie vans. Overall a good live album sure to please all Fu fans the world over.
[Spv] JW

Self released debut album from Kansas City Missouri's THE STRETCHMARXX. Upon the first spin the easy comparison would be early BIKINI KIll. Similar sound and both having two female singers that share vocal duties. With this band being more rock and roll influenced with some traces of pop. This was recorded in 2001 and the band has since added a second guitar player and a new drummer. Currently recording their new record. I hope its as good as the last time I saw them live. On tour in MARCH. Check them out. STRETCHMARXX WEBSITE [PEARLS & PADLOCK RECORDS] JW