WELCOME TO THE FUNGUS BOY WBSITE. As you've seen on the main page we plan to offer a variety of content on this site. We only cover bands we like and listen too. Inside these pages you will find Music interviews, reviews, live photos, links, upcoming concerts, culture, zombies, punk rock, fast food. Film and DVD reviews of cult, b-movies, horror, punk rock cinema, comedy and more. As well as road trips, places to eat, various columns. All work is done by two brothers. For a lot of you this is your first exposure to the Fungus. As always our main objective remains the same good bands that need more exposure, more people to experience their music. Also movies have become more of a focus for me over the years. I still listen to a lot of music and Nothing beats seeing a band perform live. Live music is something most people don't experience enough. Read the interviews and reviews, hopefully you will come away with a new band or two to grow with. Watch the movies, go see bands play live when they come to your town. Please let us know what you think of the site. Feed back is always welcome. Send items for review to FUNGUS BOY P.O. BOX 863 OTTAWA, KS 66067. We figured since there is not much worth looking at on the world wide web we might as well add to wasteland of cyberspace. A lot more content on the way, as well as better design as I learn how.. Help spread the Fungus, tell your friends about us.

Thanks for looking , Jeff Watts/ FUNGUS BOY