OF THE CLUBS by jeff fungus {updated on 12-16-05}

I was taking a picture of a bathroom and I had a professor of psychology from KU tell me it was a perversion, He was intrigued, Hey its a fucking picture for a web site. Most of these bathrooms are a little scary, most don't have toilet paper, (some don't even have toilet seats) so don't eat greasy food before heading out to see your favorite band without a word of caution. Thanks for looking, flush if you want.

REPLAY LOUNGE, Lawrence KS (january 14, 2004 & march 15, 2000) We spend the most time in this one.

THE BOTTLENECK, Lawrence Kansas

JACKPOT SALOON, Lawrence kansas (opening night)

GRANADA, Lawrence Kansas

EL TORREON, Kansas City Missouri

THE BRICK, Kansas City Missouri

HURRICANE, Kansas City Missouri

PYRO ROOM, Kansas City Missouri

EIGHTH STREET TAP ROOM, Lawrence Kansas {upstairs, for men & women} artwork by TM2

THE BLUE NOTE, Columbia Missouri

EAST SIDE TAVERN, Columbia Missouri

SUBTERRANEAN, Chicago Illinois

EMPTY BOTTLE, Chicago Illinois

DELILAH'S, Chicago Illinois (upstairs)

TRIPLE ROCK SOCIAL CLUB, Minneapolis Minnesota (Concert side)

TURF CLUB, St. Paul Minnesota

DAVEY'S UPTOWN, Kansas City Missouri

THE BOTTLENECK, Lawrence Kansas {upstairs in the band green room}

GREEN DOOR, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

SET LIST, Warrensburg Missouri

MOJO'S, Columbia Missouri

GASLIGHT TAVERN, Lawrence Kansas


RECORD BAR, Kansas City Missouri