First off DAWN OF THE DEAD original is my favorite movie of all time. When I first hear about this remake years a go I was completley against it. Espically since George A. Romero is trying to make a fourth living dead film in the series. This movie is more of a adaptaion then a stragiht out remake. It dosen't mess with the original too much so it works really well. Since there is no way to make the original better. This is a lot different, with the main similartites being zombies and the mall as the setting. Zombie movies are a big intrest of mine. It's allways good to see anohter quality one come out. Well written by James Gunn (Tromeo & Juilete, Scooby Doo), great casting the group works well together. Sarah Polley plays a very likabel character. Who you're rooting for from the start to finish of the movie. A few scens more like Night of the Living Dead/ Night '90 (car crash into tree, and fat zombie). Complaints no m-16's, not enough scenes of zombies muching on people. The mall setting wasn't played up much. You don't get the feeling of depression/no hope the original brings across. Gore, comedy, action, zombies, litlltle kid zombies, a dog named chips, fast zombies. {I thought zombies were supposed to move slowly} Over all a real good movie go out and see it. Watch the credits, if you left early you missed the ending of the film. In a way i'm glad this adaptaion came out. It will get people to re-discover George A. Romero's works. The greatness of Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. It's time a studio steps up and lets Romero make another zombie flim with the proper budget. Long live the living dead film. Look for the cameos by Tom Savini,and the main swat guys Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger. from original. DAWN OF THE DEAD


1988, Color
Remake off a early Roger Corman movie 1956, Corman also produced this one. Directed by Jim Wynorski. This movie is cheesy and worth watching. The title sequences alone is reason enough to watch this movie. Shows creatures and aliens killing a bunch of people, and fighting with each other. Scenes from other Corman movies. A alien comes to earth looking for blood. His planet has been at war for a long time, they need blood to survive. Vampire like since they need blood to survive. He hires a nurse, the talented Traci Lords! In her first non-porn role. He kills people when they look in his eyes (is always wearing sun glasses). 1950’s style updated to the 1980’s. A lot of girls breast, Traci Lords nude scene, some jokes. The covers always make it seem like Lords is playing the alien but she plays a human. Over all a good movie check it out if you like cheesy sci-fi, boobies, mind control, and synth music. Also on DVD. Also remade a third time in 1995, also on DVD (I haven’t seen it yet. Might be good.) DVD EXTRAS- Dir. commentary, trailers (but not one for this movie) cast & crew bios. NEW CONCORDE

2003, Color
I scored a copy of this movie at the 2003 Chicago Blackout. Written, directed, shot, and edited by Ernie Quintero. This film was financed by the directors unemployment checks. With a cast made up of his friends which he paid with beer. I was surprised by the quality of the young actors. The story a couple guys work at a video store called the “Video Whore” there boss is a loan shark on the side. So to make extra money the guys collect unpaid debts or should I say beat up the suckers that don’t pay. Punk rock cinema is still alive. Check it out if your into punk rock and seeing people get beat up and who isn’t? Also contains a little comedy. Good quality picture. A great sound track with Minor Threat, the Dwarves, New Bomb Turks, and more. Some Alex Cox/Repo Man, and Tarinto influences come across. Overall a good movie.

1979, Color
The movie opens with message "THIS FILM SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD." Directed by and staring Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, Ms. 45). Starving artist goes crazy and kills bums with a drill. Filmed before cordless drills were in every home, porta pack, portable power supply for drills. Nothing really happens in this movie not much drilling or killing. A weak plot, no ending, bad acting. The movie has a red theme. Has a shitty punk band as neighbors and they keep playing the same song. A shot of Max’s K.C. legendary New York punk club. Also a line about getting Iggy Pop tickets. A little blood and a couple good scenes. This movie is ok, but the real reason to check this movie out the insane commentary track. Which is way more entertaining than the movie its self. Abel Ferrara is fucked up (not drunk or on drugs but fucked up, cro-mag junkie looking psycho), it’s funny listening to this guy talk. Examples- Yeah, woe, here we go, check this out, yo, what’s going on here, who’s this weirdo, look at this shot, wake up time to die. Also about the ending “Who fucking did that, that’s not supposed by like that, who cut that fucker”, then the track just ends. A side note the band Jack Saints have a sample of the last line on their CD “Rock and Roll Holocaust”. The friend I borrowed this from also has a earlier video version and says it has the exact same ending. Buy the DVD (currently out of print to be reissued soon with a second disc of short films also with commentary I can’t wait) CULT EPICS

Ms. 45
1980, Color
Take DEATH WISH replace Bronson with a girl. Revenge theme. A mute girl is raped, goes home and is raped a second time, then kills the guy in the struggle. Cuts the body into pieces. Then goes on a killing spree of creeps. She kisses the bullets as she loads the clip to her .45. Nosey neighbor in the apartment building she lives. Halloween party mass killing spree as shes dressed like a nun. You know when some ones going to die because they play strange music. DEATH WISH meets TAXI DRIVER but not as good as either of those. One thing I hate watching in movies is rape, but I have no problem seeing little kids heads repeatedly ran over. Available on DVD from IMAGE (This movie needs re-released with Commentary track!!)

1986, Color. & b&w
This movie starts off with aliens shooting at each other in outer space. The one they are shooting at puts a capsule in a hatch and it goes out into space. Next we see 1959 a townin America, the movie changes over to black and white. This is a nice effect to add to the ‘50’s feel. A college couple are on a date at look out point . We hear on the radio that a patient has escaped from the near by mental hospital. Where he has killed four orderlies with a axe. The couple see a shooting star and the jock boy friend drives to check it out. The shooting stars turns out to be the capsule from space. The boy friend is in woods. We see the axe welding maniac approach the girl in the convertible from behind and take a swing. Next the movie jumps forward to 1986 color film again at the same college. Twenty-seven years later. These two dorks want to get into this frat to impress this sorority chic that one of the guys likes. They are supposed to pull a prank to get in, put a corpse in front of a sorority house. So the guys go to the campus lab. There they find a corpse in cryogenics, the jock boyfriend from 1959. So they remove him from suspended animation and he grabs one of the guys arms so they take off. The girl the dork likes is staying in the same room of the girl that was killed by the axe murder. What is making people turn into zombies? Leach like creatures from space that lay eggs in the brain. A detective, former boyfriend of axe murder victim, a cop just two weeks on the job in ‘59 when he found the dead bodies and hunted down the axe murder. He sees a connection between the recent events and what happened in ‘59. With the help of the dorky kid and the girl the kid likes battle the leaches. A lot of jokes about bad B-movies. One person is even watching Plan 9 From Outer Space, before they get killed. This movie has some comedy and some fright. As well as a good ending. Also a good scene when the bus load of jocks wreck. A good movie. The aliens at the first look cheap, but the zombies look good. AKA Homecoming Night. (Not on DVD yet)

1988, Color
More Italian zombies with a lot of parts ripped off from u.s. movies. Scenes close to Dawn of the Dead and Return of the Living Dead. Scientist have developed a virus called Death One. Which turns normal people into flesh eating zombies.The virus gets released and people start going crazy. The plot has a lot of unanswered questions. Partly do to Lucio Fulci only directing part of the movie. Bruno Mattei was brought in to film more scenes to make the movie long enough. My main complaint parts of some scenes are straight video quality (the only source material surviving) not really a big deal but gore is about the only reason to buy this one. Better acting by the zombies than the rest of the stiff cast. Any movie with guys in gas masks with m-16’s going around blowing zombies away gets my seal of approval. Overall better than expected. Not a starting point for new fans of the genre. More of a action movie with with elements of horror. ZOMBI 1 (DAWN OF THE DEAD title in Italy), ZOMBI 2 (Lucio Fulci film/ ZOMBIE in the US) DVD on SHRIEK SHOW

1980, Color
Written and directed by John Russo of Night of the Living Dead fame, which he also co- wrote. Effects by TOM SAVINI, well at least three scenes looked like Savini did them. Gun shot wound to the head, throat slashing. The movie opens with a young girl screaming her leg’s caught in a bear trap. A family comes up and starts clubbing her with a axe handle. Jump forward ten years a girl is almost raped by her step father, so she runs away from home. Hitch hikes and is picked up by two dorks. They end up in a small town on their way to Florida for spring break. The town is where the satanic family live the two guys are killed and the girl is kidnaped by the family. The family has to sacrifice a girl at midnight. Told as two separate stories the two don’t come together the scenes don’t flow. Man this movie sucks. Avoid at all cost not even worthy of a rental. Some movies are so bad that there good, but this one is shitty bad not bad good. Also the same fucking songs keeps playing. A scene of their rotting corpse mother sitting in a chair ripped off from Psycho and TCM. (Not on dvd yet)

1973, Color
No budget gore flick. Written, directed, produced, and staring Roger Watkins. Grindhouse/cult movie was filmed in 1973 and relessed aroud ‘78 Terry Hawkins a creepy guy makes snuff films with the help of a couple girls. Orignally titled “The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell” released as The Fun House” and later changed to “Last House On Dead End Street” to sound similar to “Last house on the Left” (Wes Cravens 70’s classic that was raking in the cash) hence the title, which doesn't fit sine the movie takes place mostly in a abandoned building not a house. Dismemberment and some nice gore scenes, slaughter house footage of a cow geeting killed, surgery. Nice weird narrative style, what he’s thinking in his head (probably not intentional since the sound was recorded after the film was shot). Slow paced overall a good movie. Not for the main stream movie fans. The 2 disc DVD special edition is loaded down with extras. DVD EXTRAS- dir. comentary, outakes, 4 short films by the director, 36 page booklet, video of death metal band Necrophagia directed by Jim Van Bebber and much much more. BARREL ENTERTAINMENT.

1987, Color
Another piece of shit from the video store shelves. Starts off with a serial killer being executed. He says “He’s the angel of death and will return for vengeance”. Ten years later at a British private school the killers ghost/spirit appears. This is never explained why. A group of girls stay up all night to raise money for the school. This movie doesn't make any sense. A cheap stupid green demon no where as good as the basic 50’s sci-fi monsters kills off the girls. The one scene where this movie could have scored some points was the shower scene, but it had no nudity! Avoid this fucker like a BSB album. Also available on DVD from IMAGE.

1984, Color
Dead junkies, nam flash backs, bad acting, a pimp, the same music keeps playing, agent orange baby (that looks like real stupid/ & like the bay in Eraserhead), violence. With all this it sounds like the making for a great movie. Slow paced a little gore and a real brutal ending. A scene with a unemployment office that has a Dawn Of the Dead poster hanging on the wall. Not to bad depending on what kind of mood your in. This is not a war movie. Aka- American Nightmares, available on DVD and video from TROMA.

1975, Color,
Science fiction flick futuristic after world war 5 (WWWIIIII) nuclear war. Stars Don Johnson in one of his earlier roles. He has a telepathic dog (Tiger the dog off the Brady Bunch) that can communicate with him. The two go around looking for food and women. A group of people have move underground and are trying to continue life the way it use to be before the war. They all have their faces painted white with red blush to make them look happy all the time. Not much action, slow paced, more for sci-fi geeks. This movie has some what of a cult following and is said to be a inspiration for the Mad Max films. Which you would be better off watching. Thumbs down on this one. A nice ending. Available on DVD FROM FIRST RUNFEATURES.

1973, Color
British,evil dwarf, hot chick, blood, some female nudity, creature, strange, lobotomy (mindless zombies), mad doctor, rock band, castle, 70’s feel, cheesy good, beheading (a car with a blade that pops out and heads fall into a basket) A CLOCK WORK ORANGE flavor, Thx 1138 looking goons (motor cycle helmets and leather). Check out this odd film. Available on DVD from ELITE

1981, Color
British sci-fi, not bad a little skin some blood and a cheap looking alien. Cute British girls in there under wear. Cheap version of Alien. A crew doing research on another planet starts getting killed off. A girl is impregnated by the alien, she starts killing people then gives birth. Not worth owning but check it out if it’s on cable. DVD on ELITE

1988, Color, Dir. Scott Spiegel
Scott Spiegel , who co-worte Evil Dead 2, and was a close freind of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, the three grew up in detroit and made a lot of super 8 movies together.A night crew at a grocery store starts getting killed off. Is it one of the girls that works at the stores crazy ex-boyfriend or some one else? EVIL DEAD heads note Sam and Ted Rami in acting roles. A lot of interesting camera angels. Shots through glass, and shots from the intruders view. Also some nice scene cuts, a head gets sliced then cut to a water melon being sliced in half. 1980’s low budget slasher flick. Some good gore effects by KNB crew (evil dead, dusk till dawn, etc.) More for die hard horror freaks but overall a creative movie. You’ll have to order this one from Nightmare video if you want to see it. Unless your lucky enough to have a freind that has a copy like I was. [NOT ON DVD]