1981, Rated R, Color 97 mins.
Columbia Pictures

One of my all time favorite movies. A really off beat quirky comedy that's hard to believe a big studio made. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd star in this wonderful odd ball movie with a twisting story line. If you’re lucky enough to set your VCR Cinemax shows this once every nine months or so. Your best best go out now and buy this gem, it was recently re-released on video & you can find it for less than ten bucks. Belushi is a white collar guy who lives quietly in a cul-de-sac next to an abandoned house until Vic and Romana (Aykroyd & a sexy Cathy Moriarty) move in and shake things up. Once the couple move in all hell breaks loose for Belushi’s character Earl, let’s just say there is never a dull moment. This gets a 9 out of 10 on the Freak Factor and that’s exactly why you must see this movie.

Invasion Of The Bee Girls
1973, Rated R, Color, 82 mins
HBO Home Video,

What happens when you have a string of mysterious male deaths and the only explanation is that they died of heart attacks caused by having sex? You guessed it, some Joe Blow comes in to investigate the strange goings on with the towns women. The women are all involved in a twisted scientific experiment that (as the title gives away) turns them into bee girls. The cover boasts “From the producer of Enter The Dragon”, but who really cares. What you have here is a very slow exploitation flick with only moderate violence and nudity. When I say slow I mean slow, the running time of 86 minutes literally seemed more like two hours. The best scene involves vehicular homicide. Best to watch while drinking lots of beer. All right as a rental if you find it cheap. [Note: This was re-issued on MGM Video & and you can find it for around eight bucks]

1988, Rated R, Color, 81 mins.
Vestron Pictures/Video,
Pioneer/Artisan, DVD

Featuring one of the best freaked out movie actors of all time Randy Quaid. I had always remembered this as a dark comedy, but when I bought a used copy I was surprised just how disturbing it was to watch. Set in the early 50’s young Michael’s (an only child) family has a new home, a new town, and struggles to find new friends. Michael’s dad (Randy Quaid) has a strange new job and the burning question throughout the movie is just what the hell is his Mother really cooking? Randy plays the consummate angry father that every child fears, yet little Mikey just has to have answers and keeps getting into trouble. Some scenes have almost a “Shining” like quality to their eerie-ness. All the answers are revealed at the end. Not only worth renting but a recommended buy! The only movie directed by actor Bob Balaban (Best In Show, Seinfeld (as NBC exec), A Mighty Wind). The bad news is that even though this DVD came out in 1999 it's already out of print, try finding it used.The only extras on this full frame DVD are a theatrical trailer & some cast & crew filmographies. An under-rated B-movie classic!

Hated - GG Allin & The Murder Junkies
1993, Unrated, Color DVD 120 mins.
Stranger Than Fiction Films/Music Video Distributors, DVD

This was originally released in ‘93 and has recently made its way to this DVD release. Although Hated runs at just under an hour long, this disc has GG’s final gig which runs an hour long even though he barely makes it through two songs. Most of the footage from the final gig consists of GG & pals being followed through the streets by a camera man with a shaky hand. Love him or despise him this movie is a mere peak into the mind of a true fucked up rock & roll outlaw. You will enjoy this even if you’re not a diehard fan of GG’s music or lifestyle. Watch while GG takes a shit, smears it all over his face, and manages to completely clear the room. The only downfall of the movie is the length. Film maker Todd Phillips could have easily dug up an hour more of footage by delving more into GG’s past as well as his faithful fan base, instead we only get to look into a brief period of GG’s life before his ultimate demise. It's hard to believe that Todd Phillips went on to direct Road Trip, Old School, and now Starsky & Hutch. Warning: not for the squeamish. After seeing this movie you’ll never want to eat hot dogs or bananas ever again. Also contains brief footage of GG’s funeral.

1998, Rated R, Color, 95 mins.
Fine Line Features/ New Line Home Video, DVD

From the weird world of Harmony Korine, who’s first taste of success was as screenwriter of Kids, comes a movie destined to become the cult classic of the late ‘90s. Gummo is set in Xenia, Ohio (although it was filmed just outside of Nashville) shortly after a devastating tornado has hit the town. From what I’ve read about the film only two or three “real” actors were used, the rest were people off the street. The most well know actor is Chloe Sevigny who’s other movies include Kids, Last Days Of Disco, & Boys Don’t Cry. The almost non-existent plot was eighty percent scripted while the remaining 20 percent was improvised and provides some of the film’s best scenes. Prepare yourself for a look into white trash America. What can you expect from Gummo? If you’re looking for a plot look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for dead cats, chair wrestling, midgets, albinos, death metal, huffing, mentally handicapped prostitutes, and more white trash than you can shake a stick at than this movie is for you! There is no in between with a movie like this, you’ll either love it or hate it. Don’t bother renting it, just go and buy it! This DVD is in anamorhpic widescreen and the special features include an animated photo gallery with entertaining audio commentary by Harmony Korine which runs at just over eight minutes. It's a shame that he didn't do a full length commentary as this movie definitely needs one. The only other feature is cast & crew filmographies. Will we ever get a true special edition, who know, I'll be waiting.

Adolescents - Live At The House Of Blues
2004, Unrated , Color
Kung Fu Records/Kung Fu Films, DVD

This is part of Kung Fu Records' on going "The Show Must Go Off" live DVD series. Shot on October 3, 2003 at the House of Blues with seven cameras this is without a doubt THE BEST looking live DVD that I've ever seen. I had no idea that these guys had reformed and are planning on releasing a new album this summer. All original members are back with the exception of new drummer Derek O'Brien (Social Distortion), the boys rip through 19 songs in fifty minutes. Amazingly they play tons of songs from their classic debut album, which sound just as good as the day they were recorded, as well as songs from their upcoming new album "O.C. Confidential". Top notch sound, camera work, & good editing make this a must own DVD. Special features include a bonus live CD of the same show, band commentary, a short photo gallery, 10 minutes of footage that you can check out using the multi-angle function, plus over 20 minutes of video shot live in 1982 (it's kinda rough but worth having). Highly recommended!



Futurama - volume 3 box set DVD

Red Dwarf - Seasons 3 & 4 DVD's

Adolescents - Live DVD

Dope, Guns, & Fucking Up Your Video Deck, Volumes 1 - 3 (AmRep video comp) DVD


Here is a quick review to hold you over until next time kids! more on the way soon!


1971 Color, 87 mins.

DVD Image Entertainment

From Sam Sherman & the late Al Adamson’s Independent International Pictures comes this drive in gem from the early seventies. Released after the successful Blood Island series, this movie was a sort of follow up to keep the cash flow coming in. Usually when you hear the name Al Adamson, if you’re like me, you automatically think you’re in for another hack job that Al’s know for, but surprisingly Brain Of Blood is a fun little romp worthy of your time. The basic plot line involves Amir, the leader of a country called Kahlid, who is dying of cancer who gets wrapped up in a plot to transplant his brain in to a healthy body so he can continue his rule. Amir’s people rush his body to the U.S. and put him in the hands of a mad doctor, Dr. Trenton, who has to transplant the brain in to the body of his deformed henchman Gor when things go awry. Things drag after you hit the 60 minute mark but the pace picks up in the last 15 minutes or so. Trenton has an evil dwarf assistant & girls chained in the basement so if you’re wanting a companion to Blood Sucking Freaks this comes somewhat close. Al’s wife, Regina Carrol, is here in trademark form & it wouldn’t be a Al Adamson flick with out her presence. One of the best parts of the movie is Gor’s flashback to the day he disfigured with battery acid by two rednecks. Special features on this DVD include an audio commentary with Sam Sherman, interview with Eddie Romero, trailers for Mad Doctor Of Blood Island, Brides Of Blood, Blood Of The Vampires, Horror Of The Blood Monsters, The Blood Drinkers, Raiders Of The Living Dead, and of course Brain Of Blood, also a still gallery & interview with Beverly Powers. Most of the extras are for the Blood Island series. This DVD is available on it’s own or part of the Blood Island Collection four disc box set which you can pick up for the low price of 30 bucks just about anywhere. Grab a twelve pack & enjoy! MW