"bitch slapping america's youth" edition by Mike Fungus



So the website has been up since March 31, 2004, just in time for the Riverboat Gamblers show. We wanted to get flyers out at the show to let people know that our year & half promise of getting a website up was finally fulfilled. New content has been added to the site on a regular basis, mostly interviews from previous issues as they we already typed. If you’ve never done a zine or ever have had to transcribe an interview you don’t know the pain involved, a simple 30 minute interview turns in to 3 hours of typing, rewinding, typing, fixing typos, etc. It’s all excruciatingly boring and the worst part of doing a zine. We have some new interviews up, the aforementioned Riverboat Gamblers, Rocket From The Crypt from March of 2003, plus new reviews of both music & movies.

The Fungus Boy crew is heading off to Chicago for our second trip to the Horizontal Action Rock ‘N Roll Blackout. Last year’s event was three days of non stop action and drunken craziness. I have feeling that this year there’s going to be a lot more people who go based on what they’re read & heard about what happened in 2003. I’m looking forward to seeing all the bands but the ones I’m most excited about are the Catholic Boys, Clorox Girls, Reatards, Real Losers, & Deadly Snakes. I had the pleasure of seeing both the Zodiac Killers (in 2000) & the Testors (March 2003) & can’t wait to see them both again. Also Paul “Fubar/Lyle Sheraton” Spence & his band the CPC Gangbangs ought to be a sight to see. Look for a full report & interviews from the Blackout once we return home & recover.

We’re also more than likely (once I convince FB2) heading off to Minneapolis to the Nice & Neat Records Get Action Fiesta on May 28th & 29th. Two days, two clubs, & 10 bands including the Riverboat Gamblers, Marked Men, Little Killers, Tears, Tyrades, Kill-A-Watts, Functional Blackouts, Sweet J.A.P. & more. Bands I haven’t seen but really want to on this one are the Kill-A-Watts, Marked Men, & Tears. Also the day before this event there is a bonus show, the Briefs & the Catheters are playing on May 27th.

If you’re in the Lawrence, Kansas area be sure to check out the new club the Jackpot Saloon, owned by the people who brought you the Replay Lounge, & it’s just right across the street! Opening night was kicked off with a show with Modey Lemon.

Good shows so far this year include seeing the Modey Lemon in January & again in March, the Demons on St. Paddy's day, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Riverboat Gamblers, Gloryholes, Sweet J.A.P.

We’re always interested in music & DVDs for review, you can send them to P.O. Box 863, Ottawa, KS 66067


from top to bottom: Riverboat Gamblers @ Replay Lounge 3/31/04

Gloryholes @ The Brick 4/10/04

Modey Lemon @ Jackpot Saloon on opening night 3/23/04


This month’s top spins (so far):

Pixies - Best of DVD & all albums [4 AD]

Clorox Girls - s/t LP [Smart Guy]

Les Savy Fav - Inches CD/DVD [Frenchkiss]

Sultans - Shipwrecked [Swami]

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, now on Sunday through Thursday! [Cartoon Network]

Kids In The Hall - Season One DVD box set